Shipping & Returns




Because of the ever-changing regulations and shipping restrictions surrounding the sale of ammunition, we are currently unable to ship to these locations:




  • Alaska
  • California
  • Canada
  • Chicago (we are able to ship to other areas of IL)
  • Hawaii
  • Massachusetts
  • New York City, Buffalo, and Rochester (we are able to ship to other areas of NY)
  • Washington, DC
  • All International locations




Please note that additional restrictions and documentation and/or fees may be required in order to ship to you.  After placing your order, you should receive an email from us detailing these additional requirements.  Please be sure to check your email promptly and follow the instructions closely in order to expedite the approval process.  We apologize in advance for any additional requirements and/or fees that may be incurred.




Additional documentation may include (but is not limited to):




CT – Valid copy of your Drivers License or state-issued ID / One of the following: valid
Permit to Carry a Pistol or Revolver; valid Permit to Sell a Pistol or Revolver at retail; valid Eligibility Certificate for a Pistol or Revolver; valid Long Gun Eligibility Certificate; valid Ammunition Certificate




IL – Valid copy of your Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) Card / Valid copy of your Drivers License or state-issued ID




NJ – Valid copy of your Firearms Purchaser Identification Card / Valid copy of your Permit to Purchase a Handgun / Valid copy of your Permit to Carry a Handgun




Local laws and regulations are always changing. To be certain of your ability to legally receive ammunition purchases by mail, check your local legislation before ordering.




Please keep in mind that Federal, State and Local laws and regulations regarding the sale and shipment of ammunition can change often and quickly. We do our best to stay informed about these legislation changes and keep our customers updated, but it's always a good idea to know your local laws and restrictions.




Returns Policy

All sales are final. Due to ATF regulations, once ammunition leaves our distribution center, we are unable to accept a return.


If you have received ammunition that or is defective or damaged or that was shipped incorrectly by us; please contact our Customer Service department immediately. If we are made aware within thirty (30) calendar days of your order date, we will do our best to treat you fairly.




While improving supply chain conditions have allowed us to increase or remove maximum order quantity limits on popular types of ammunition, there are still items where a maximum quantity limit is in place due to limited stock availability. These limits can vary based on the specific item being purchased. If you are ordering ammunition that has a maximum quantity limit it will be posted on the product page and the online store will prevent you from being able to add quantity exceeding this limit to your online shopping cart.